Manual nest

This is one of the most modular products that can be found inside a poultry plant. The manual nest, 2 meters long, offers the possibility of being installed in multiple configurations: on the wall, “stand alone” or “back to back”. All this makes this product extremely versatile and able to follow the growth of the farm gradually. This version of the nest with 14 holes on two floors, finds few equals in the market. The width of the 28 holes, like each one, makes it a nest that can be used both for commercial layers (7 animals / hole) and for breeding (5 animals / hole). Inside each hole there is an anatomical and perforated plastic insert, which encourages the animals to lay their eggs and which keeps the nest clean. The front collection channel, which can be opened from the outside, allows you to collect the eggs manually without disturbing the animals. There is also the possibility of switching to an automated collection, with the use of jute belts and special towing. This collection can also be facilitated by installing a small version of Egg Elevator near the table.