Egg elevator system

The Egg Elevator system represents an excellence of our products. Its structure allows a very wide versatility, being able to be used both for simple transfers of eggs from one level to another and for transferring eggs from nests or multi-level cages, up to a transversal conveyor. The quality of the materials and the technology used make it the best solution available on the market for the collection of eggs from multiple levels.
All this, associated with a high egg collection capacity, in maximum safety thanks to its 55 cm belt. This is also possible thanks to the mini EGGWAY (small bar conveyors), which with the help of the deflectors allow the perfect distribution of the eggs in the belt. Once the eggs arrive from the side of the transverse conveyor, another deflector, suitably developed, limits their sliding on the chain and the impact with other eggs that may be present.


  • large egg collection capacity (up to 14600 eggs / h *);
  • simultaneous collection on several floors;
  • the mini Eggways guarantee the cleaning of the belt and prevent dirt;
  • the conveyor can be installed at a height that does not obstruct the passage;
  • suitable for all types of cages and nests.