The Egg Flow Control System represents today the most advanced technology applicable to your egg conveying system. If until now your plant has simply counted the eggs produced by your plant, with this new system you will be amazed. Are you wondering what more to do? Here are its features:

  • Instant monitoring of the entire egg collection process, from your egg room;
  • Possibility of integrating the system with a special card for monitoring even online from a computer or through the mobile phone;
  • Possibility of centralizing the control of the entire collection process;
  • Ability to check various points along the system, such as rows or sheds, checking their individual progress;
  • Possibility of simultaneously managing the speed and times of egg collection from the various plants present;
  • Collection of historical data to carry out subsequent analyzes whenever necessary.

This technological solution therefore changes the concept of monitoring your plants, going far beyond most of the technologies used up to now within poultry plants. The advantages of using this technology are many:

  • Possibility of having a constant flow of eggs without interruptions and thus significantly reducing collection times;
  • Optimization of the whole harvesting process and management of the packing or sorting machine;
  • Reduction in wear of the entire system, thanks to the limited number of starts and stops of the system;
  • Reduction of the percentage of broken eggs due to the overload of the conveyors;
  • Greater flexibility in the management of the entire plant.