A story of experiences, from more than 40 years

FLEXY is one of those enterprises that tell and bring in the world, the technological excellence combined at the good taste, typical of the best Italian companies in the prosperous industrial area of the North East. Since the 60es, in this area, the technology for the poultry farms has been developed from different companies, that generated products that have been taken as example from all the world, for their innovative and technological aspects. Between these companies there is FLEXY, that in more than 30 years has developed products that hardly find equals in the sector.
Are already 40 years that FLEXY’s specialists enter in poultry sheds and egg rooms to understand the needs and also to anticipate the desires of the farmers, conscious that the challenges of the global market have on logistics and eggs handling one of the main aspects to be competitive. Every day, in the world, FLEXY’s systems not only collect but help, in order to do in an efficient manner, fast and economical that the eggs arrive from production to the graders (or egg packers). The cure and the attention that we provide to the eggs is the same that we have for our most precious asset, our customers. We don’t suggest them products but a professional cooperation to research the best solution for their needs.

600 mln

Transported eggs / day


Project installed