Family nest

The FLEXY automatic nest is the most versatile solution for your commercial laying and breeding plants. In fact, this product is available in different versions, which adapt perfectly to any system and configuration. The Family nest can be supplied both in its central version and in its wall version, both with one or two floors. To these two models are added other versions that include a flat roof, perches and everything necessary to make it an extremely versatile product. FAMILY NEST available both in mixed wood / steel material and in steel only, to meet different needs and different markets. Its extremely robust structure makes it a nest capable of guaranteeing excellent performance and long life. Once the eggs have arrived in the central perforated belt, they can be transferred to a manual collection table or to a conveyor for centralized collection. In the case of two-story nests, egg transfer can be done by combining the nests with an Egg Elevator system.


  • quick and easy assembly;
  • the extensive use of wood (coated with a protective and waterproof film) offers animals a more natural and warm environment in which to lay their eggs;
  • the space inside and the specially designed slots guarantee perfect oxygenation, avoiding excessive light;
  • the sturdy bottom of the nest with soft AstroTurf carpet (self-cleaning);
  • easy access to the nest and greater cleaning of the nests, with the installation of perches;
  • ejection system with wire mesh, which gently pushes the animals outside the nest;
  • the sunroof allows for easy inspection and easy maintenance;
    the anti-perching system on the roof protects the nests and guarantees greater cleaning;
  • the eggs laid inside rotate towards the collection belt placed behind the nests;
  • the perforated tape prevents the eggs from rolling and the central bar avoids possible collisions;
  • easy cleaning and accessibility to all its parts, which can be cleaned with a pressure washer.