Family Nest

The central group nest with automatic egg collection for breeders and floor-reared commercial layer has been designed to comply with the 1999/74/CE Standards.

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The FLEXY nest is a great nest: this is the opinion of many farmers who have been using them successfully for years. The nest is designed to be comfortable for the hens and make egg collecting efficient and safe.

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Manure Dry System

Rollers with bearings greatly reduce the friction and stretching of the perforated polypropylene belts. Stainless steel spirals avoid the contact between belt and roller creating corridors for air flow which helps the manure drying.

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LiftWay – Egg Conveyor

Tier by tier automate egg collection system combined with all width of egg conveyor (400-500-600-700-800). The structure is in stainless steel wich combined with aluminium and plastics parts made the system resistent to rest.

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EggWay – Egg Conveyor

EggWay is the Flexy egg conveyor with a special belt unlike any other on the market. The belt is welded over more than 2 cm on both sides and it consists of two calibrate, hardened outside chains, joined together by an endless loop, “the Flexy Bar”.

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